Longines Master Series High-Quality Replica Watch Review

Longines Master replica watch, as always simple business watch, fine workmanship style, high quality in terms of quality, high-end, equipped with an Asia-Pacific version of ETA2892-2 movement, polished very fine, thickness and maintain a high degree of consistency. Today we learn more about Longines Master Swiss replica watches.

The case of the Longines Master replica watch belongs to the classic three-piece round case. The overall polishing process does not have much technical content. The most difficult to grasp is the curvature and chamfer. , Genuine or imitation, all watches have very sharp chamfers both inside and outside. The angular design can give people a better atmospheric visual effect. Only gentleman watches will chamfer the lugs. It can provide a simple, rounded feel.

The design of this Longines replica watch is rather strange. It is chamfered only on the outer side and still maintains a sharp effect on the inner side. Therefore, the shell shape of this Longines replica watch has reduced movement elements compared to fake rolex submariner. It is the core of the entire shell, of course, this super clone Longines master does exactly that.

The hands of this Longines replica watch were mentioned long ago. When I first developed this Longines replica watch, I took it for granted that the good hands should be baked blue, and finally found that the colors were not consistent with the genuine products no matter what. Finally, the authentic pointer was sent to the institute for a test report, and it was found that the pointer showed no signs of thermal processing. At the same time, in terms of needle shape, the same technology as the original Longines master craftsmanship is used, from the processing of the center shaft to the shape of the needle.

The real core of this Longines replica watch is the most remarkable, and the focus of this imitation Longines “super.” We have made the first plywood of the Seagull ST1812 movement, a Polish with a sun pattern, which is the same as the Swiss pattern. At the same time, we have done a related radial pattern treatment, replaced the black screws the same as the original Longines, and re-custom The autopilot of the movement. The weight, size, and twill lines of the autopilot have been redesigned. This is by far the best-looking imitation ETA 2892-A2, and it can also be said to be a modified Seagull ST1812 movement. This Longines replica watch is equipped with this finely polished movement, which has a very high value and a very fine polished texture.

This Longines replica watch strap is by far the only imitation Longines version whose strap structure is the same as the genuine one. If you are careful enough, we can find that almost all Longines replica imitation watches are head-mounted The grain and the strap is chained together, which is why some Longines replica watches, even with the real ETA2892-A2 movement, as long as a section of the strap can be seen as an important reason for fake watches.

Overall: This Longines replica watch can be said to be the finest workmanship in the basic Master replica watch, and it is also the most attentive to details. It can be said that the current overall appearance can reach the point where it is difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake when wearing, and the price is affordable quality and cheap products. Cheap replica watches under $ 50.