Cartier Ballon Bleu Black Dial Replica Watch Latest Version Review

The replica Cartier Ballon Bleu Black Dial looks black from the front. The elegant look of replica Cartier Ballon Bleu is different from the white disc. It gives a cool feeling, and it wo n’t rot the street. Well, the overall feeling is perfectly restored to the original, which is also one of the places where this Cartier replica watch is upgraded, and the overall texture is more in line with the original.

The stainless steel case of this Cartier on top replica watch Black Dial uses ADLC carbon coating technology. The entire case is black and finely plated, and it is not easy to fade. The arc of the round case is perfectly restored. The pure black dial is a classic radiant sun texture surface. If you look closely, the entire grain direction is the same as the genuine one. The sword-shaped luminous steel hands are matched in the middle. The red second hand is unique. The position is the same as the original, and the thickness of the LOGO is also perfectly restored. The English fonts at seven o’clock are evenly distributed.

The mirror of this Cartier replica watch Black Dial uses a sapphire double-bubble fisheye surface. The permeability is very good. You can see the same fish-eye effect as the original on the side. Without losing the authentic technology, the case is simply seen on the side. Perfect. Cartier replica watch Black Dial watch upgrades the head sapphire with the same round and shiny feel as the original.

The Cartier replica watch’s strap uses a leather-based nylon strap, which is comfortable to use. This V6 V2 V2 Cartier Black Knight’s buckle has the same special folding buckle as before, and it is black-plated like the case. The wiring on the strap is very neat and very textured. The bottom cover is a uniform drawing process, the lettering is clear, and the font size is genuine. The focus of this Cartier replica watch is its movement, which is also the most important point. The movement uses the latest upgraded 1847MC movement, from the inside. And the maximum restoration of the original authentic, craftsmanship comparable to authentic.

Overall, this Cartier aaa replica watch Black Dial upgrades the scales more carefully in the original version, as well as the most important movement. The entire watch is closer to the genuine one, and the price difference is only two hundred yuan. Friends can start, absolute value.