How About The Quality Of Breguet Classique Series 5177BA Replica Watch?

The slim watch, the classic plan, will give your image a bonus forever, but it won’t make you feel uncomfortable. Wearing it will not pinch your wrist when working, and you don’t have to worry about it bulging into a big bag on your cuff, and the classic style is not easy to be outdated. Today brings us a slim replica watch for sale. If you do n’t know who sells the best replica watches, then take a look at my latest Breguet Classique series 5177BA replica watch introduced by us, this time launched three models of the silver, gold case and rose gold. Section, follow me to see how the quality is?

Overall comparison: As a whole, the replica Breguet Classique series 5177BA perfectly restores the original. The diameter of the dial is 38mm. The dial’s radian and scale perfectly interpret the original details and charm. It is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

Frontal comparison: The sapphire crystal “double arc” glass mirror surface is used together with the original, and the mirror surface is coated with anti-glare coating, which is transparent and bright. The transparency and reflection of the mirror surface are consistent with the original.

Face to face ratio: Breguet replica watches face LOGO font size ratio, shape, and original. The size and scale of the calendar box at three o’clock are also well controlled. The dial is made of enamel with blue-steel hands. The color and workmanship are the same as the original. It is worth mentioning that the laser anti-counterfeiting LOGO below the literal pointer axis is also perfectly presented.

Comparison of movements: The movement of our Breguet replica watch uses the Japanese imported 9015 movements to modify the Cal.777 mechanical movement, and the details of the movement are also in place. Notes to bring the watch closer to the original.

Bottom cover comparison: The bottom cover is also made of sapphire glass with the original, the mirror surface is very transparent, the movement at a glance.
Comparison of the strap: For the strap, we chose the imported calfskin-decorated Breguet replica watch. The texture is almost the same as the original. The material is soft, and the wearing experience is no less than the original. The precious metal logo on the back of the buckle also fits the original.

Summary: This Breguet replica watch uses the classic three-handed design. The white dial is assigned Breguet-style blue-steel hands to present a refined beauty. Classic planning often doesn’t require much messy functions and technology. We also have detailed work on this section, which is as close to the original as possible, especially in terms of the pointer, mirror, and thickness. It is suitable for those who like to wear formal dresses, showing the extraordinary side of precision.