How Good Is The Replica Vacheron Constantin Patrimony 85180 ?

Replica Vacheron Constantin Patrimony 85180, a very classic style. Although the overall design of the Patrimony series replica watch is very simple, there is no exaggerated personality. The watch replicas watchmaking process is very difficult. With extreme lines and perfectly balanced proportions, the classical and timeless characteristic aesthetic values ​​have been achieved. The most important thing is that the Vacheron Constantin replica watch is very thin. We have upgraded the movement on a large scale, and a total of four colors have come out.

Before our replica watch forum launched this Vacheron Constantin Patrimony replica watch, the Patrimony series of the same model was not very good, the whole market did not do well, either the literal version is wrong, or the thickness is not good, the newly published Vacheron Constantin Patrimony replica wrist The thickness of the watch is the same as the original, with a diameter of 40mm and a thickness of about 9mm.

The movement uses Citizen 9015 as the basis, and the splint is modified to the CAL.24250SC movement style. If you make an ultra-thin watch, this movement is the exception. In addition to this movement, There is also the Seagull 2892. In terms of thickness, 9015 is thinner than in 2892, and the splint is more flexible to modify!

Let ’s take a look at the movement detection data of the Vacheron Constantin replica watch: [day difference: -004 seconds/day swing: 276 degrees polarization: 0.0 milliseconds], from the detection data of the movement, the machine of this replica watch The core is quite stable, and the travel time is very accurate, fully replicating the authentic features. It is very difficult for the movement of the engraved watch to achieve such stability. It is already comparable to the authentic movement. After all, the authentic watch movement will also have a daily error of about 10 seconds. So don’t be too harsh on the replica watch.

I believe that without elaborating too many technical terms, you can understand the extent to which replica watches have been achieved. From the appearance at first glance, it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity. The charm of the replica watch lies in its similarity with the genuine product, which is detoxified with one-tenth or even one percent of the price!