Piaget Polo Diamond Luxury Replica Watches

Piaget Polo diamond-inspired watches are inspired by previous Piaget models, combining them with modern methods to pay tribute to the classic elegance. Piaget Polo series diamond watch is not only a high-end watch but also a symbol, symbolizing Piaget’s creative talent. Whenever and wherever the Piaget Polo diamond watch blends the art of life with time to show the legend!

Luxury replica watches-Piaget Polo diamond series, shockingly launched. This Piaget replica watch uses a total of 564 top Swarovski diamonds. The cushion-shaped case is plated with 18k real gold, which perfectly presents the authentic and luxurious brilliance.

[Case] ​​The pillow-shaped case of the Piaget replica watch with a micro-arc shoulder; each finished case is carefully selected by our quality inspector for jewelry setting. To achieve the original effect (tidy, uniform mosaic style). A jewelry setter must make the 78 top-quality artificial diamonds on the case in one go. The performance of the side of the case, the lines on the side of the Piaget replica watches are the same as the authentic, and the chamfering of the lugs is also in place.

[Dial] The valuable Piaget on top replica face has a total of 486 top Swarovski. The size, cut, and fire color of the gems have been carefully screened to ensure consistency. Twelve fine-grained scale marks are CNC cut and shaped, and patiently trimmed by a watchmaker, and finally mounted.

[Crown] The anti-skid teeth of the Piaget replica watches are polished very finely and very neatly. The logo on the crown is uneven.

[Band] The Piaget replica watch adopts an imported calfskin strap with the original Piaget folding buckle. The embedded strap is closely connected with the shoulder, making the wearer feel more comfortable and comfortable.

[Movement] Piaget replica watch 9015 changed to Piaget 800P movement, durable and stable quality.

[Band buckle] The embedded strap of the Piaget replica watch is closely connected with the shoulder, making the wearer feel more comfortable and close.