Rolex Submariner High-Quality Replica Watch True And False Contrast


Introduced in 1953, Rolex Submariner is the world’s first water-resistant watch up to 100 meters (330 feet) deep. This is the second breakthrough in water resistance research since the world’s first waterproof oyster watch was launched in 1926. Rolex Submariner is a turning point in the history of watchmaking, setting the standard for diving watches. Today we will compare real vs. fake Rolex and explore how to spot a fake Rolex. Let’s take a look at this fake Rolex eBay.

[Overall case]

The watch has a diameter of 40mm and a silver 316L stainless steel case. The surface is exquisitely brushed. Compared with the authentic, we can see that the authentic drawing is slightly more beautiful. The edges are polished to make the entire case more three-dimensional. The middle case and the lugs complement each other perfectly and can be perfectly integrated with other components. Compared with the original product, although it is not a raw material, it is almost the same as the finished product in effect.

【Table mirror】

The Fake Rolexes watch mirror is still made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant sapphire glass. Compared with the original, the two versions of the watch show the same effect. The deeply polished natural reflection of the mirror makes the watch more attractive. The “bubble mirror” at three o’clock shows the same effect as the genuine one.

[Circle Mouth]

The ring mouth also uses ceramic technology to create the same appearance as the original. Compared with the pure, the green luster of the two versions of the ring mouth is the same. This is a difficult thing for the replica watch. We can see that the craft of Fake Rolexes is superior.


The sword-shaped hands and Mercedes-Benz standard hands complement each other, plus the beautiful second-hand embellishment, the entire dial design is full of sense. Compared with the genuine, the inlaid steel hour markers are perfect. The hour markers are matched with geometric patterns. The ROLEX logo at noon is very clear. Compared with the genuine, the font on the Rolex clone dial is slightly lighter. All hour markers and hands are filled with imported luminous filling, so that you can still see the time in the dark, the luminous effect is consistent with the authentic.


Fake Rolexes restores Rolex’s classic screw-down waterproof crown, and the double lock mechanism can ensure the body is completely waterproof. Compared with the genuine, the triangular pits on edge are very fine. The crown protruding at the top is very conspicuous, and the polishing is exquisite. The entire crown is the same as the genuine and can be used as a genuine substitute.

[Bottom cover]
Adopting a dense Bottom design, the overall drawing process is very delicate, and the serrated edges of the edges are also one of the iconic designs, which is very simple and atmospheric. Using the same process as the original, the entire BottomBottom cover is perfectly engraved, and details can be restored to this level, which is already unmatched by other manufacturers on the market.


This fake Rolex watch has a very powerful automatic movement noob 3135 replicas under the dense case back. With the powerful movement power, the watch has been greatly improved in terms of battery life and functions. The configuration that is almost indistinguishable from the genuine product brings the highest price-performance ratio of this watch.

Summary: The “Rolex Submariner replica watch,” as an explosive model in the market, perfectly extends the original Rolex design concept. Through today’s true and false comparison, we can find that this is a very cost-effective watch, welcome you to buy.