Super Replica Tag Heuer Carrera WAR201E.FC629 New Version

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The size of this Replica Tag Heuer Carrera is 41mm, the movement uses SW220 (corresponding to the ETA2836 model), and a crocodile strap is standard. Available colors are blue, black, and white.

The dual calendar of this Tag Heuer replica watch is a very useful feature, especially for office workers. In fact, there will be difficulty in making double calendars. Generally, the English numbers on both sides of the double calendar will be different, and the upper and lower blanks will be a lot. These kinds of goods need not worry about such details. It is literally zero flaws, and there is no color difference problem. The original accessories are original.

Tag Heuer replica watches have a very good handle, and frame feels, and there will not be some low-end replica watch cut hands, and the problem of low control experience. The crocodile belt selection is better than the entry-level crocodile belt. The texture can be seen as the belly part, and the left to right corresponds to the excessive thickness of the texture—soft touch. The subtle details of this Tag Heuer replica watches are silky smooth, especially the snappy feel.

The movement of the Tag Heuer replica watch uses SW220 (corresponding to ETA2836). This SW movement is produced by Sellita because when the ETA movement was in short supply, and some strategic agreements were signed with Longines resulting in insufficient production, many brands, or entry. The models are all transferred to the movement produced by Sellita because this company basically produces models corresponding to each ETA. This Tag Heuer replica watch uses this movement.

Summary: The quality of this Tag Heuer replica watch is impeccable, the price is not very high, and it is not often, you can sell it if you like.